light switch install

Light Switches

Light switches not located where they should be? Nobody knows light switch installations better than we do! Check out these pro tips: No matter if it’s a basic installation job on new home construction, renovation site upgrades such as upgrading outdated circuit breaker boxes/panel.

electrical power outlet

Power Outlets

Once you’ve spent hours toiling over cable and outlet installation, the last thing you want is a faulty connection of your limited power outlets in a new room. Well, rest easy! Our team are specialists at installing single and dual circular electrical outlets for use with standard wall plugs or commercial connection types.

light fixture installation

Light Fixtures

When it comes to lighting, the sky is the limit! We can put in all sorts of types of light fixtures: ceiling lights, wall sconces, track lighting, accent lamps. Whatever light fixture you choose, we'll make sure it gets installed correctly.

electrical troubleshooting


As you might have guessed, the electrical problem troubleshooting is there to help you when something goes wrong. If a breaker blows or your wiring starts sparking, we'll get an electrician on the line with you so they can provide advice and guidance. In case of power outages, it's equally important to call an electrician for service soon after; otherwise, the condition may worsen as time goes on. The adverse effects will likely be compounded if you let them go unattended or wait too long before contacting us.

outdoor lighting service

Outdoor Lighting

Every homeowner wants their home exterior to bask in a little glamour for everyone driving by but it's not always so simple if you've never taken care of this before. The professionals at our company are here take away all your headaches with prompt, reliable service every time!

Unfinished basement electrical work

Unfinished Basement

Turn your unfinished, ugly space below the house to a place where you can turn out lights off without having to sprint up stairs. We've done it all from  placing outlets in every possible corner to installing cable lines and sets of light fixtures.

Rv and generator hookup

RV & Generator Hookups

You don't need to worry about pulling out that old electrician tool belt (or asking someone else to come over) when Any & All offers installment services for RV and Generator electrical hookup installation. We are here to help with all of your electrical home improvement needs.

New Home Elecrical

New Home Electrical

Project your property's electricity with one of our new home electrical installation services! Your future family or guests will be protected from any shocking surprises. Leave the stress up to us and bring your building into modernity with these safe projects that won't cost you a fortune. These professional installations will safeguard against an unfortunate surprise, satisfying most safety regulations without straining the budget.

Electrical services

Anything & Everything Else

Any and All Electric has spent many years mastering the art of best-in-class electrical services. Our electricians are highly skilled, have passed extensive background checks, and we take all precautions to ensure that our electric grid is safe from dangerous situations. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work.

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